In the Nad Wodospadem SPA&Wellness Residence it is the kitchen that we are most proud of. It is a real culmination of pleasure and delight for our guests. That is the place, where our Chef Dariusz Chmielewski, is preparing an everyday culinary adventure, leading through the paths of sophisticated tastes, curious compositions and aromatic spices, directly to the land of culinary bliss.

Faithfull with traditional formulas, knowing the world-recognized receipts, choosing only the best local products that produce a real depth in taste – that is our way of reaching a culinary craftsmanship.

We take pride in our individual approach to each guest. Therefore we always take all dietes, preferences or allergies into account.

Valuing the comfort of our guests, and taking care about the freshness of all served meals, we provide the experience of our kitchen only for the guests staying at the hotel.

We are not a a’la carte restaurant.

Our restaurant example menu.

Duck breast served cold
with blackcurrant mousse

Chopped cold smoked salmon tartare

z with prosciutto and cranberries

Beetroot carpaccio
with feta cheese.

Creamy kohlrabi soup
with mascarpone, drop of Balkan yoghurt, French pastry finger and a leaf of basil

Classic sorrel soup
with boiled egg

Boletus soup
on white wine served with gnocchi

Turkey roulade
with spinach and ricotta, served with chanterelle sauce, potato cake and asparagus

Tenderloins in cognac-pepper sauce
served with groats and green peas puree

Bone-in rib-eye steak
served with potato gratte, grilled vegetables and pepper sauce

Roasted salmon
with herbs and llime, served with raspberry sauce, rice and carrots

Raspberries in hot white chocolate with mint

Meringue cake

Apple pie, Cheesecake

Dariusz Chmielewski

Chef at Nad Wodospadem Spa&Wellness Residence Restaurant

Cooking has aways been his passion. Fifteen years ago, from this passion arose a profession, still being enriched with more knowledge and qualifications. He is a Bydgoszcz WSB graduate with a degree in gastronomy and dietetics.

National cooking competitions participant – Primerba Cup, Sielawa Blues for example. His goal is to find one, perfect taste. His cuisine is known for unusual combinations of different, often surprising ingredients. He cooks always with fresh, high quality and usually organic products.

Recognized for is excellent choices, making the end product a real culinary masterpiece. He truly is a good spirit of this place.


Opening hours

Meals are served:

Breakfast 8.00 – 10.00
Dinners 14.00 – 16.00
Kolacje 18.00 – 19.00


The restaurant is available only for hotel guests.